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Protected Action Ballots

IR BLOTS is an Authorised Protected Action Ballot Agent

Speed – Things move quickly in the Fair Work Commission.  IR BLOTS is an Authorised Protected Action Ballot Agent who can respond quickly to conduct electronic ballots which are easy for voters to access and participate in. 

We can conduct a protected action ballot within 10 days from the date on which the protected action ballot order is made, or earlier if circumstances require (and the FWC permits).

Attention to detail – Accuracy in all aspects of the process and confidence in the ballot result is the difference between success and failure, as demonstrated by a recent FWC decision.

The IR BLOTS team ensure accuracy in two ways:

  1. Our people personally set up and check each ballot according to internal processes with built in checks and balances;
  2. The IR BLOTS system that facilitates the electronic ballot.

The BLOTS balloting system run by IR BLOTS has a proven track record of providing accuracy, attention to detail and certified ballot results in the Fair Work Commission, across more than 400 enterprise agreement and PABO ballots.

Authorised – The FWC confers its trust on Authorised Protected Ballot Agents to maintain the integrity and robust nature of ballots as matters of public interest, as discussed in this FWC decision.

IR BLOTS was authorised to conduct protected action ballots in this decision of the Fair Work Commission [2023] FWC 3067.

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